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  •  Child Custody and Placement Litigation

  •  Divorce and Post-Divorce Judgment Modification Matters

The breakup of a marriage is a very emotional time in your life.  We understand the turmoil in your life and are experienced in guiding you through what can be a very confusing process.  Each lawyer takes a hands-on approach in conjunction with our support staff.
Attorney Kevin Corrigall and Attorney Donald Mayew are experienced in Divorce and Custody litigation. 

Attorney Corrigall currently serves as a Guardian ad Litem representing the best interests of children in custody disputes. 

Attorney Donald Mayew previously served  as a Guardian ad Ltem in excess of 12 years representing the best interests of children.


What is Divorce?

Divorce is the legal process to end a marriage.  When the parties are unable to agree, the court (a judge) will decide custody and financial issues.  A final judgment of divorce will decide property division issues, custody and placement of children, child support and maintenance for one of the parties.  Most divorces are settled without a court trial.  However, a court trial to resolve conflicts can be expensive.

 How do divorce issues get settled?

 Mediation ordered by the court will often result in a settlement of all or most of the issues.  The mediation is usually a social worker who is trained in directing the parties to a mutually agreed upon settlement.  Mediation can be a voluntary cooperative process agreed to by each party or it may be court ordered during the pendency of a divorce action.

 Role of a Lawyer.  The traditional manner of resolving a divorce action is where each party hires a lawyer who advocates your position in court hearings and in negotiations with the other partyís lawyer.  Most communication is through your respective lawyers.  If the negotiation process doesnít  work, a formal court trial will follow and a judge will decide all disputed issues including custody and placement of a minor child.

 Custody and placement dispute where custody and placement are an issue, each parent will be required by the judge to attend at least one session of mediation.  If this mediation fails, the judge will appoint a Guardian ad Litem (a lawyer who will represent the best interest of your child).

 Do you need a lawyer? 

 You donít have to have a lawyer.  However, a lawyer can provide guidance and help in many ways:

         Advise you as to the law

      ∑        Explain the legal consequences of decisions and process choices.

      ∑        Explore with you the legal effects of custody and placement.

      ∑        Provide you with the facts and law to allow you to make informed decisions

      ∑        Draft and file all necessary court papers.






1025-56th Street
Kenosha, WI 53140