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ESTATE PLANNING IS PLANNING FOR DEATH. We're all a little squeamish about death, especially when we're the ones involved. This discomfort can lead to procrastination that might account for the fact that only about two out of every five Americans have a will. The fact that so few Americans have a will is ironic. We spend our lives working hard to earn enough money and property to make the lives of our children and spouses, friends and business associates happier, wealthier, and more secure than our own. And, yet, most of us fail to do the one thing that's essential to make sure those we care about receive the fruits of our labor--we fail to plan for them because we fail to plan our estates. Estate planning pays real dividends--in results achieved, in dollars saved, and, most importantly, in security and peace of mind. Moreover, estate planning doesn't have to be expensive, traumatic, or, even especially time-consuming. Estate planning often saves money by reducing taxes and the expenses of death. It saves time by speeding the process by which property passes from you, at your death, to your family, friends, or anyone else you want to have it. Finally, estate planning allows you to make the crucial decisions about the disposition of your property and the care of your family. In a very real sense, estate planning makes you the boss.